• Creating a virtual YOU!

    Creating a virtual YOU!

  • Accurate size measurement

    Accurate size measurement

  • powered by Microsoft Kinect

    powered by Microsoft Kinect

  • Easy 3d body scan...

    Easy 3d body scan...

Enjoy online shopping even more !

When you shop online what do you miss? A mirror showing clothing style and fit….

Emaldo is solving this problem by realizing a virtual mirror at home. You can just select cloths and try them on yourself as you would do in a traditional shop. You can check yourself that the clothing fits your style and body shape.

Our solution works by creating a 3d scan of you, your partner or kids. In this way you can’t only shop for yourself, but also for the people dearest to you. As the cloths have been tried-on virtually, you don’t need to return 50% of your bought cloths anymore. In this way saving time, costs and increasing the fun of shopping!

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