Emaldo virtual mirror technology

The concept starts by making a virtual version of you!

To measure you accurate, you should wear skin tight clothing.

The body scanning is performed by a camera that measures you from 8 different orientations. You can simply rotate in front of the camera, which will measure you completely within ~2 minutes.

It will take a couple of minutes before the virtual you has been realized. When ready, you can save the virtual you to a USB stick. The data is stored securely with a password. Creating a virtual you is only needed when your shape changes.

Now just select the cloths you would like to try-on, they will be shown on your body. When the cloths are shown on your body, you can move your body and the virtual you will mirror the movements like a real mirror. If you like the cloths, you can buy them and they will be delivered to your home.

The above described process can’t be realized already, as the technology is being developed.