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Shell LiveWire

Shell LiveWIRE is a Royal Dutch Shell Social Investment Programme, which enables young people to start their own business and create employment.

Over 9.2m young entrepreneurs have benefited from Shell LiveWIRE programmes since 1982.

Shell LiveWIRE strengthens young people’s career options by enabling them to switch from being an employee to becoming an employer, or making the transition from seeking employment to creating employment.
Shell LiveWIRE programmes provide budding young entrepreneurs with access to the essential business knowledge and customised support they need to transform their enterprising ideas into a viable and sustainable business.



The Chamber of Commerce

What requirements do I have to satisfy in order to start a business in the Netherlands? What legal forms are there? What taxes do I have to pay? The Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) focuses on the most important aspects related to successfully setting up a business in the Netherlands.

They also provide advice, coaching and provide access to a large network of knowledge institutes and companies. For Emaldo this is performed through the Shell LiveWire program.

The Chambre of Commerce is also the SME point of contact for the Dutch innovation sectors, such as the The Dutch Creative Industries knowledge and innovation network.


Netherlands Enterprise Agency

Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( encourages entrepreneurs in sustainable, agrarian, innovative and international business. It helps with grants, finding business partners, know-how and compliance with laws and regulations.

The aim is to improve opportunities for entrepreneurs and strengthen their position. The Agency works at the instigation of ministries and the European Union.

Netherlands Enterprise Agency is part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The organisation has been in existence since 2014 and is the result of a merger between NL Agency and the Dienst Regelingen. Some activities of the Commodities Boards are also included.

Netherlands Enterprise Agency focuses on providing services to entrepreneurs. It aims to make it easier to do business using smart organisation and digital communication. The Agency works in The Netherlands and abroad with governments, knowledge centres, international organisations and countless other partners.


Microsoft Kinect for Windows

Kinect for Windows empowers people of all types, and businesses of all sizes, to build and deliver innovative natural human computing solutions across a variety of industries—from retail to entertainment to education to healthcare, and more. And, the ability to create Windows Store apps will open up new business opportunities.